New treatment for varicose veins   [return to the list of articles]

Veins are blood vessels which return blood to the heart. These thin-walled vessels are subject to a disease called varicosities. The Latin meaning of "varicose" is dilated which describes this disease of dilated veins under the skin. These may occur anywhere in the body but are most prevalent in the lower extremities.

This disease occurs in 25-40 million Americans and is five times more common than arterial disease. Symptoms include unsightliness, pain, cramps, and swelling at the ankle. Bleeding and ulceration of the skin also may occur.

There are a number of strategies. Initially, conservative care with compression stockings is used. If these fail, surgical options are available.

The traditional surgical treatment is that of superficial vein removal through numerous skin incisions.

A new superior treatment is now available called "TIPPS" or "transilluminated powered phlebectomy" this method is a minimally-invasive procedure using smaller and less skin incisions. The veins are removed using a small telescope-like device.
Our group's experience finds less pain, improved cosmetic results, decreased incisions, decreased operating room time and minimal complications.

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