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Q: Are there any support groups/forums for those considering or who have undergone bariatric/morbid obesity surgery???

Morbid obesity is clinically defined as 100% or 100 lbs over one's ideal body weight. Bariatric medicine is the practice of treating the disease process of obesity. Considering 25 billion medical dollars are spent with obesity related diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, and arthritis, obesity is a serious medical issue. Of the numerous treatment strategies available for weight loss, bariatric surgery has the most successful long-term results.

The American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to the surgical management of morbid obesity. They recommend the use of a support group forum to hazleton health alliance education department or at the office of Drs. Butt, Carrato & Bono at 570-459-5607 and ask for Linda.

Educate, guide, and support those who are morbidly obese towards a healthier, longer life.

We started the first and only support group in northeastern Pennsylvania, held every third Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the O&E Building of Hazleton General Hospital.

Our group is getting larger and more successful each meeting, and we find this to be very beneficial offering support and guest speakers on obesity related topics. The meetings are open to all people interested in learning more about morbid obesity and for those who have had successful gastric bypass surgery.